A ham and cheese sandwich. It's what's for dinner.

Why are we so cheesy? Look at movies. The soundtracks. They're ridiculously over the top. So dramatic. When you're not in the moment, it can seem so, so cheesy.

This plays out with advertising too. Why do we ham it up? And I don't mean making things funny. I mean making things dramatic in a distasteful way. Maybe this is more prevalent in America. I really don’t know. Maybe if we overdramatize our emotions, we can call it art, or use semi-existent words like “impactful.”

So now, with all this hipster minimalism, natural lighting, heroic solitude and epic melancholia, are we on a path of evolution towards making our work less and less cheesy? Are we getting closer to realism and raw, subconscious emotions that we don't usually tap into? Or are we just making another caricature of ourselves at the other end of the ham and cheese spectrum?