Future Nostalgia

I often worry about the future. Stuff that is, for the most part, of my control. I'll even worry about the present– whatever is happening right in front of me. Kinda this permanent state of semi-anxiety going on.

But the past. Damn. Those were the days. Harkening back to a fond memory makes you feel awesome. Warm and fuzzy. It's similar to the feeling of drifting in and out of sleep. Peaceful. Relaxing. Good vibes. Nostalgia is like that. It's the good stuff you can't get enough of.

So what if we could project the concept of nostalgia onto our present moment and even our future? What if we could constantly remind ourselves that this daily grind we're trudging through will become another fond memory? If you can sustain that realization, then you can live your life in a perpetual state of warmth and fuzziness. Future nostalgia, bro.

Kent St JohnComment